CyntrX™ Fleet Tracking Systems are intuitive, simple, and easy-to-use.

CyntrX™ Fleet Tracking Systems offer incredible information and analytics, all in an amazingly simple unlimited format:

CyntrX™ Fleet Tracking Systems Capabilities:

  • Access data through our web and iPhone app
  • Locate your entire fleet through GPS navigation
  • Monitor vehicle location, speed, and direction
  • Receive alerts for customer location arrival and departure
  • Analyze and optimize fuel economy
  • Monitor gallons of fuel remaining
  • Record data on driver’s use of shift, cruise, and idle
  • Receive alerts for speeding and hard braking
  • Calculate fuel tax
  • Log hours of service
  • Create driver and vehicle inspection reports

CyntrX™ Customer Service: You’re Never Alone

At CyntrX™ we understand the importance of support after your investment. We’ll install all equipment to get you going. We are always there when you need us, whether there’s a technical issue or a need for equipment training.

Our Call Center provides 24/7 technical assistance for drivers on the road anywhere in North America. We also provide website training and webinars, as well as onlocation training for drivers and fleet managers.