CyntrX ® Fleet Tracking family of products can meet your needs and gives your business flexibility.

CyntrX Fleet Tracking Simplicity

In business, it’s hard to know if you’re winning when the rules of the game keep changing. You need a way to level the playing field to your advantage.

Navigating through the dynamic world of telematics and fleet management requires the decision tools to improve visibility, productivity, compliance and performance provided by CyntrX with a proven track record of immediate and impressive results.

CyntrX specializes in providing customized solutions tailored to your business needs:

  • improves on-demand odometer billing accuracy and efficiency
  • supports the Navistar On Command program for engine diagnostics
  • automates fuel tax reporting
  • eliminates submitting driver trip reports
  • controls over the road costs by lowering fuel and vehicle operating costs
  • monitors driver behavior and provides metrics that improve driver  education and retention
  • helps users remain compliant and improve CSA scores with a mobile HOS/DVIR solution
  • documents misuse of equipment (speeding, out of route travel, hard braking)
  • addresses theft or repo needs

At the intersection of technology and logistics, you can change your mind which may change your direction, but, can you change the game?


CyntrX offers integrated solutions with the following partners:

TMW, Idealease, Big Road, RACO, Position Logic, Mobileye, Thermo King, uBlox, KORE, Cal Amp

About Idealease

Idealease Truck

425+ Idealease locations throughout North America share common goals, high standards, and a philosophy that puts the customer first.

Idealease is uniquely qualified to service fleets of all sizes. Our Idealease members throughout North America and Latin America play active roles in the development and support of their local customers. Idealease locations are longstanding members of their local communities.

Idealease locations employ experts in every area of truck leasing and rental services that professionally guide their customers from the beginning – designing the right truck for the job, to the end of the vehicle’s life – vehicle disposal and replacement.

About OnCommand Connection


The Navistar OnCommand Connection is the first single remote diagnostics portal to use an open architecture system with fleets’ existing telematics providers. Designed to increase vehicle uptime by supporting quicker repairs and controlling maintenance and repair costs, OnCommand Connection is currently available through a partnership with CyntrX.

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